profiles of target markets

These profiles tend to have the most varied requests – from understanding a market and how to enter it to identifying the top organisations to target.  

Insights include:

*By the end of the profile consultation, you will have the actionable insights you need to move forward with your plans. 

“Your work was great. It gave me some short cuts to people and we managed to get shortlisted for a very large deal for the first time”

“You’ve got me some great things to be getting on with here, this is great. These reports are super helpful with accounts where we have a foot in the door, it’s a really helps with our strategic approach.”

“This is brilliant, I wish had one of these for all of my accounts”

“Thanks a lot for this, the people and industry information will be very useful for me but Im not happy that you found out one of our competitors is so well placed with them already – but thanks again as it means we can potentially focus in a different area of their business”

“As always you guys have given me a quick start, given me new contacts and some new angles. And confirmed that this is a great opportunity for us. Its really good for me – thank you”

“There is so much information here we need to digest it and then start to build a plan”

“This work is unmatched from what I’ve ever seen.  It’s a tool in our briefcase that means we can penetrate from a 360-degree viewpoint rather than a one dimensional approach.”

“This is gold dust”

“Phenomenal – helped us get conversations set up and good interactions. I would go as far as saying it wouldn’t have happened without it.”

“The fresheye material was invaluable to hit our partner with the right business-led strategic message”