profiles of target markets

These profiles tend to have the most varied requests – from understanding a market and how to enter it to identifying the top organisations to target.  

Insights include:

*By the end of the profile consultation, you will have the actionable insights you need to move forward with your plans. 

“You’ve got me some great things to be getting on with here, this is great. These reports are super helpful with accounts where we have a foot in the door, it’s a really helps with our strategic approach.”

“This is tremendous, all of these updates are like gold to me, its fantastic, the most valuable call I have had this week. This gives me some of the soft entries to the organisation I was missing before, its critically important insight. Im super blessed I made it onto the list for this account., How do I get my next one? Great session and time well spent. ”

“As always you guys have given me a quick start, given me new contacts and some new angles. And confirmed that this is a great opportunity for us. Its really good for me – thank you”

“Again blown away! This is all so valuable, you’ve given us loads of ideas on how we can build our brand awareness with this account.”

“Very helpful as to who we need to reach out to. There are lots of new names in here that we should be trying to speak to. All really good information, thank you again”

“I use you guys to give me a Fresheye into new accounts, it’s really good and I will want you to do some more for me”

“Really a lot of great information.  This would have taken me weeks if not months to do on my own, or as an organisation. And we’re just not geared up to do this. It is going to help us get in front of the people we need to.”

“Thanks for the great work, this will really help me do things much faster.“

“This work is unmatched from what I’ve ever seen.  It’s a tool in our briefcase that means we can penetrate from a 360-degree viewpoint rather than a one dimensional approach.”

“I had expectations but I’m blown away. You’ve given me loads of conversation topics and I’m going to start reaching out to some of the contacts you’ve identified.”