profiles of organisations

By the end of the profile consultation, you will know exactly what to do next with this account and how to go about it most effectively to achieve your goals.  You will have additional opportunities you may not have considered.

Insights include:

“I use you guys to give me a Fresheye into new accounts, it’s really good and I will want you to do some more for me”

“Huge thanks for what you have done, this is excellent again, well structured and it opens up a whole plan for us and saved us an incredible amount of work. I would certainly hope to sign a deal out of this before the end of the year. We can start to initiate some campaigns around this insight.”

“There is so much information here we need to digest it and then start to build a plan”

“Phenomenal – helped us get conversations set up and good interactions. I would go as far as saying it wouldn’t have happened without it.”

“Very helpful as to who we need to reach out to. There are lots of new names in here that we should be trying to speak to. All really good information, thank you again”

“Your work was great. It gave me some short cuts to people and we managed to get shortlisted for a very large deal for the first time”

“This is tremendous, all of these updates are like gold to me, its fantastic, the most valuable call I have had this week. This gives me some of the soft entries to the organisation I was missing before, its critically important insight. Im super blessed I made it onto the list for this account., How do I get my next one? Great session and time well spent. ”

“This work is unmatched from what I’ve ever seen.  It’s a tool in our briefcase that means we can penetrate from a 360-degree viewpoint rather than a one dimensional approach.”

“Quick update: I just spent 20 mins with the person you’ve profiled. He gets it and thinks we can address a number of the issues his organisation is facing today!”

“This is brilliant, I wish had one of these for all of my accounts”