profiles of individuals

By the end of the profile consultation, you will know exactly how to develop rapid rapport with the stakeholder you want to engage with.

Insights include:

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“Amazing job, this is extremely thorough. I really appreciate how much information you’ve managed to get us.”

“I would consider this the corporate essential information and we would like to replicate this for all our other competitors”

“I think you should be proud, I have been in this industry for many years and this is the best thing I have seen”

“I’ve never seen such a detailed analysis of a company! That’s a perfect job”

“This is really great, it would have been impossible for me to get hold of all of this myself and it means I can contact the right people with some good information”

“This work is unmatched from what I’ve ever seen.  It’s a tool in our briefcase that means we can penetrate from a 360-degree viewpoint rather than a one dimensional approach.”

“This is gold dust”

“Very helpful as to who we need to reach out to. There are lots of new names in here that we should be trying to speak to. All really good information, thank you again”

“Thanks for the great work, this will really help me do things much faster.“

“This is very good. It gives me lots of new ideas about who to approach and how to engage elsewhere in the business. Lots of information and a great structure. It really helps me understand the organisation more and ask the right people the right questions”