profiles of individuals

By the end of the profile consultation, you will know exactly how to develop rapid rapport with the stakeholder you want to engage with.

Insights include:

Have a requirement that isn’t covered? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to work with you.

“Your work was great. It gave me some short cuts to people and we managed to get shortlisted for a very large deal for the first time”

“You’ve got me some great things to be getting on with here, this is great. These reports are super helpful with accounts where we have a foot in the door, it’s a really helps with our strategic approach.”

“Amazing job, this is extremely thorough. I really appreciate how much information you’ve managed to get us.”

“Great intel. This is perfect, exactly what I was looking for, its super helpful. Thanks so much.”

“Thanks a lot for this, the people and industry information will be very useful for me but Im not happy that you found out one of our competitors is so well placed with them already – but thanks again as it means we can potentially focus in a different area of their business”

“Quick update: I just spent 20 mins with the person you’ve profiled. He gets it and thinks we can address a number of the issues his organisation is facing today!”

“I would consider this the corporate essential information and we would like to replicate this for all our other competitors”

“This is really great, it would have been impossible for me to get hold of all of this myself and it means I can contact the right people with some good information”

“Again blown away! This is all so valuable, you’ve given us loads of ideas on how we can build our brand awareness with this account.”

“Phenomenal – helped us get conversations set up and good interactions. I would go as far as saying it wouldn’t have happened without it.”