profiles of competitors

By the end of the profile consultation, you will know exactly how to stand out from the competitors profiled.  

Insights include:

“This is brilliant, I wish had one of these for all of my accounts”

“Very helpful as to who we need to reach out to. There are lots of new names in here that we should be trying to speak to. All really good information, thank you again”

“Great intel. This is perfect, exactly what I was looking for, its super helpful. Thanks so much.”

“You’ve got me some great things to be getting on with here, this is great. These reports are super helpful with accounts where we have a foot in the door, it’s a really helps with our strategic approach.”

“Quick update: I just spent 20 mins with the person you’ve profiled. He gets it and thinks we can address a number of the issues his organisation is facing today!”

Phenomenal – helped us get conversations set up and good interactions. I would go as far as saying it wouldn’t have happened without it.

“Thanks for the great work, this will really help me do things much faster.“

“This is very good. It gives me lots of new ideas about who to approach and how to engage elsewhere in the business. Lots of information and a great structure. It really helps me understand the organisation more and ask the right people the right questions”

“I think you should be proud, I have been in this industry for many years and this is the best thing I have seen”

“This is gold dust”