The Point Newsletter

Who was the client?

Datapoint lead in enterprise unified communications. They also specialise in multi-channel contact center technology solutions.

Why does this help them to sell more or do more?

By filling a skills gap that was likely costing them business, we opened up a new channel to their clients that Datapoint sales teams could exploit. In practical terms:

  • The newsletter starts valuable conversations with clients through its articles and thought leadership content, ultimately becoming an extra sales tool
  • Our expertise here allowed us to rapidly go from execution to delivering tangible ROI

What did they want?

To make their newsletter, The Point, more dynamic and engaging for the end reader. Something they desperately wanted but didn't have the time or resource to do themselves.

What did we do to help them sell more and do more?

The Point was both online and print so we needed to refresh both mediums. Using our expertise in design we completely restyled the magazine, taking flat online copy and using page-flipping technology to give the user the same online experience as with print. This created a much more interactive experience for the reader and encouraged them to read on.