Virtual Showcase

Who was the client?

BT Global Services. They deliver managed networked IT services to BT’s large corporate and public sector customers around the world.

Why does this help them to sell more or do more?

Because the BT Global Services teams can now take the experience to their clients, and as a result are having a higher number of inspiring and engaging conversations about the possibilities they offer. In practical terms:

  • More clients are engaged faster and more deals are completed sooner
  • The cost of taking a client through the Showcase experience is much less than taking them through the physical Showcase
  • There’s a much lower cancellation or reschedule rate than for the physical showcase

What did they want?

A way to turn their highly successful (but very expensive) physical Customer Showcase experience into a virtual experience. And to make that experience a consistent one around the world.

What did we do to help them sell more and do more?

We developed an interactive online showcase. It delivers a virtual version of the physical showcase based in the UK. Through the virtual Showcase customers can find out more on how BT can help them with the challenges they're facing. They also get to see and experience some future technology that's available to their businesses right now. Full of presentations, demos and literature, it's a virtual look at what BT offers and leads into 3 main rooms: making your customers happier, making your people more productive and making your organisation more efficient (and doing it all securely).