Who was the client?

BT Global Services. They deliver managed networked IT services to BT's large corporate and public sector customers around the world.

Why does this help them to sell more or do more?

Because Storyteller isn't just having a massive impact on GS's sales pipeline; it's also having an impact on how they do business. Since the launch there's been over 70% adoption of the Storyteller tool by sales and marketing teams around the world. In practical terms:

  • BT employees are spending less time tracking down the latest content and creating the presentations, and spending more time selling
  • The professional visuals give the 'wow' factor that the sales teams have been looking for, helping them move opportunities onto the next stage and generating more leads
  • BT's saved over £120,000 from not having to prepare presentations for client meetings anymore 

What did they want?

To deliver consistent compelling customer stories around the world that would engage their clients in long term, valuable relationships. And ultimately, to be set apart from their competitors and help their sales teams win more business.

What did we do to help them sell more and do more?

We created Storyteller - an online tool that helps GS sales teams create great, consistent stories to remind people how BT can help them and their businesses. It links up-to-date market and regional information with the BT story to show how GS supports its customers. It's easy to use –BT sales people can just drag and drop the content (slides, videos and scripts) into a presentation that's always professional and tidy.