Who was the client?

BT Global Services is a division of UK telecommunications operator BT. It supplies telecoms services to corporate and government customers worldwide, including 94 of the FTSE 100. We worked exclusively with its marketing departments.

Why does this help them to sell more or do more?

BT Global Services’ new streamlined marketing programme has proved successful on both internal and client-facing fronts. Externally, BT Global Services finally has a single ‘umbrella’ message to pull all nine marketing units together. Customers can now see a more relationship-centric approach, a virtual showcase and a campaigns portal, as well as having their own voices heard on social media. All this means that BT Global Services has made the most of the radical change in their resources by increasing over-all efficiency and promoting brilliance, rather than allowing budget cuts to dictate how they do business.

What did they want?

After a global workforce cut, a budget cut and an increase in campaigns, BT Global Services needed to restructure. Our client wanted to bring together all of its marketing units across the globe in line with one strategic direction, to boost productivity and efficiency.

What did we do to help them sell more and do more?

We proposed a process of integration and fine-tuning we call the ‘GWW Treatment’. We aligned a single set of goals for all marketing teams, outlining the ‘what’ and the ‘how’, to develop a world-class Global Services marketing team. We connected key BT marketers from around the world to expand their individual brilliance to a global scale. Our strategic team fashioned a timescale management plan into a complete ‘follow-the-sun’ workflow. We also helped to re-engage a working environment that could communicate well, allow careers and skills to prosper, promote collaboration and nurture a marketing culture of ‘Learn it, Live it, Love it.’