Partner Programme

Who was the client?

BT Alliance is BT's global partner programme. They help BT Global Services to sell and distribute a range of products and services through indirect channels.

Why does this help them to sell more or do more?

By seeing exactly how partners are engaging at any one time, the marketing team can pinpoint their support to the partners who need it. In practical terms:

  • The BT Alliance team have valuable information online that they could only previously get from the marketing team or their account managers
  • The app saves the marketing team time and money on their communication channels
  • Support money is spent where it will have the greatest impact

What did they want?

A refreshed partner programme that let BT Alliance see how well their partners were performing on BT's behalf. They also wanted to improve the quality and speed of communication between the partners and BT Alliance.

What did we do to help them sell more and do more?

We developed an application that let partners engage with the programme online. Partners can log things like 'revenue earned' or 'training completed' and earn partner points. They also earn extra points through the app by renewing partner membership, submitting case studies or asking for Marketing Development Funding. This means the BT Alliance team has up to date information on how the partners are performing and where they're being most pro-active. They can also see any gaps in partner performance and offer targeted support where it's needed.