Market Leaders

Who was the client?

Avaya; a leading global provider of business collaboration and communication solutions to companies of all sizes around the world.

Why does this help them to sell more or do more?

By helping their partners to claim the funds they're entitled to and taking part in jointly beneficial marketing activities, we freed up Avaya's own teams to concentrate on the key accounts in their portfolio. In practical terms:

  • We've increased Avaya's partner funding utilisation by 58 per cent, and this in turn has increased revenue generation and brand awareness
  • Avaya are using their partners more to boost the number of customers they can reach

What did they want?

To make sure that their partners were spending all the marketing funds they'd earned from already selling Avaya products and services. They wanted to get the maximum revenue, raise their brand profile and generate additional sales opportunities.

What did we do to help them sell more and do more?

We bridged the gap between Avaya and their partners; giving their partners the expertise to identify and ask for Avaya funding. We helped Avaya's partners to make sure their funds were completely used before they expired and we also encouraged the partners to take part in joint marketing activities with Avaya. By regularly updating Avaya with clear marketing plans, partner activities and reported leads they were able to see that the money was being spent on activities that would give them a return.