Partner Marketing program
Partner Marketing program

Who was the client?

A leading global provider of next-generation information technology (IT) services and solutions to companies of all sizes around the world.

Why does this help them to sell more or do more?

By helping our client and their partners to align to one joint proposition they made the most from their joint funds, paving the way for jointly beneficial marketing activities that are repeatable, cost effective and efficient engagements.

  • We’ve increased our clients partner funding utilisation by 62%
  • Our ABM programs produced $M of pipeline registered with SaleForce.
  • Increased customers and opportunity bids uncovered in partner accounts.
  • We created a partner portal to keep communications flowing and progress happening. Easy tracking and measuring of activities between partners.

What did they want?

To create a process that would increase partner revenue through creating repeatable and cost effective engagements every time.

What did we do to help them sell more and do more?

We provided a helping hand throughout all of their partner communications; defining a target list of accounts to qualify with both of their interests at heart, producing a joint Account Based Marketing (ABM) plan, joint Go –To-Market plans and Bidding as well as managing the governance of the program.

Our client came to us to ensure all their teams fully understood their joint proposition. This meant a transform in their processes and providing the education their teams needed. Our workshops helped the partners to get to grips with the tried and tested ABM program. We educated them in insights, stakeholder mapping and existing opportunities using our in depth knowledge of the markets they operate within and our tailored and very specific insight research around their jointly targeted accounts.

We prepared the partners for joint opportunity bids. We brought together the opportunity lists and created the joint messaging and value propositions. This was all developed using in depth industry and customer insights and delivered in a online portal for easy management, which really helps to align the offering the partners made.