I2S and PMS
I2S and PMS

Who was the client?

Two partners, both giants in the IT and Telecommunications industries, one a leader in application performance infrastructure, and the other a multinational company with business operations in over 170 countries.

Why does this help them to sell more or do more?

Our partner programmes align partners to one joint proposition. We helped them to manage their joint funds for mutually beneficial marketing activities, which are repeatable, cost effective and efficient engagements. Our insight techniques help to create relevant, timely and targeted marketing efforts helping partners to sell more products to more people, by facilitating relevant and compelling conversations with their customers. By using and discussing insights that show they truly understand the needs of their customers, our customer’s sales teams are able to build the rapport and the trust necessary to progress their sales. And when buyers progress on their journey, the joint documents that sales need at each stage of the sale are ready and waiting within the application. All this means more of their customers have the information and the confidence they need to buy; especially important for larger sales.

What did they want?

A clean and effective partner marketing process which secures the funding required from either partner in a cost effective manner. And also a process that directs that funding towards creating a joint campaign to communicate to their targets on how their products and services collectively speed up data transmission and cut network strain. They also wanted to jointly communicate a new message to brand new verticals like retail and government.

What did we do to help them sell more and do more?

We brought together both teams and connected them in their line of thinking. We helped to smooth out any sticking points between their aims and objectives and budgetary requirements in order to form a solid partner strategy which both partners were happy with. Our partner tool helped partners to work together, track activity, share joint collateral and communicate. It also helped them to keep on top of campaign milestones together, assigning responsibility to partners to make sure no timings slipped. We provided insights and messaging around the research to form their new campaigns and joint value proposition, which really helped to align and aim their marketing efforts. They targeted the right people, with relevancy to retail and government industry opportunities that both partners wanted to bid for.