I2S On-line solution- Finance
I2S On-line solution- Finance

Who was the client?

A leading provider of global communications software and services for large multinational companies.

Why does this help them to sell more or do more?

Our Insight Through to Sales solution helps our customer to sell more products to more people, by giving them the materials and techniques they need to have relevant and compelling conversations with their customers. By using and discussing insights that show they truly understand the needs of their customers, our customer’s sales teams are able to build rapport and trust necessary to progress their sales. And when buyers progress on their journey, the documents that sales need at each stage of the sale are ready and waiting within the tool. All this means more of their customers have the right information they need and the confidence they need to buy; especially important for larger sales. Our Insight to Sales program shortens the sales cycle with those key targets, as well as increasing the ROI our client achieves in their communications.

What did they want?

Our customer wanted to increase their sales pipeline, shorten their sales cycles and create new and even stronger relationships with their clients within the finance sector. They wanted to secure those big-ticket deals.

What did we do to help them sell more and do more?

We used a segmented, insight led approach to help our customer sell to decision makers within their target accounts. We uncovered the real decision makers in the target accounts for our client using our research techniques. Then our research team pulled out the key things on the minds of those target categories in their industry and specific geography, for example, a CMO in Finance in the USA. We created a cloud-based solution that let sales access these insights and learn what their organisation’s response to them was. The online solution then links to their relevant products and services which we mapped according to the needs of their clients. This gives their sales teams the confidence to discuss not just the issues on their customers’ minds but also the right solution for their target’s  issues.