I2S On-Line Solution - Government
I2S On-Line Solution - Government

Who was the client?

Our customer is a global communications software and services company. They provide networking solutions and unified communications for some of the world’s largest organisations, in verticals such as Health, Government and Manufacturing.

Why does this help them to sell more or do more?

We hosted all these insights in a cloud-based solution, meaning that they are easily accessed and harnessed by our customer’s sales teams, wherever they are, whenever they need them. We also mapped all their sales assets using our Buyer’s Journey methodology. This means at every stage on the journey to a Government sale, not only does our customer know which issues to raise and what their opinion is on that issue, they also know which sales assets are the right sales assets to support their conversation.

What did they want?

Our customer wanted to improve their pipeline and closure rate for a number of key products in their Government vertical. These were big ticket deals, and a key part of our customer’s long-term strategy. To achieve their goals, they needed to have conversations higher and wider in State and Local Government and confidently explain their proposition’s value.

What did we do to help them sell more and do more?

Our Insight Through to Sales solution helps our customer to sell more by giving them the insights they need to have productive conversations with decision makers. To gain credibility in Government, it’s not enough to know your technology inside and out. The technology needs to come alive, explaining how it can help customers to deal proactively with inevitable budget cuts, arm first responders with crucial communication tools or implement cloud solutions that are secure for citizens. We pulled out all these insights and more for Government CIOs and CFOs, City Managers and Fire Chiefs. We also worked to explain exactly how our customer’s technology helped people in those roles to achieve their goals.