I2S Insight Profiles - Automotive
I2S Insight Profiles - Automotive

Who was the client?

An enterprise data, analytics and software as a service company. A leader in harnessing the powerful potential of data to strengthen connections between people, businesses and their partners.

Why does this help them to sell more or do more?

Opening the door to stronger communications with target decision makers using insights helps:

  • Teams to resonate with target decision makers to drive extra sales within the automotive vertical
  • Improve relationships between sales teams and their targets, giving sales teams the confidence to close deals.
  • To shorten the sales cycle, putting in place the ground work for a quicker, easier way of building trusting, long term relationships with customers who feel understood and valued

What did they want?

Confident sales teams, armed with relevant in-depth insights and assets to drive those extra sales within their chosen automotive vertical.

They wanted to better understand the market that the key decision makers operate in everyday, so they could improve their business relationships as well as the conversations their sales teams were having.

What did we do to help them sell more and do more?

Insight led engagement. Our client had to make a huge impression the first time they met with the key decision makers within their automotive vertical. It was a meeting that had to go right first time, there were no second chances to make a good impression. They needed to conduct the meeting as if they already had a long standing relationship with the key decision makers, even though they hadn’t even met before. They needed to establish rapport immediately- they needed a human to human approach.

With our Insight Profiles on the key decision makers in their vertical, we made sure our client’s sales team knew and understood their target relationships intimately. Our profiles meant they understood the issues the decision makers were facing everyday, specific to their industry. And that meant they could propel the strength of their propositions, in context of the relevant issues, and encourage engagement with their clients.

Having a human to human approach meant we prepared our clients sales team to talk to decision makers about “what’s in it for me” rather than just technical specifications of products and services. Whilst our client’s sales teams held fantastic product knowledge, some of their team members understandably lacked the confidence to discuss the relevance of these products with senior decision makers and found it difficult to relate those products and services to the key issues in that vertical.

And being that prepared significantly increased their credibility in their target accounts eyes. They occurred as the well-informed, expert choice for the vertical (in this case the automotive market).