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Many channel marketing teams struggle to service all their partners how they’d like to.  We believe there’s a better way for channel marketing.

We help:

  • Technology companies work out how and when to engage with their partners in order to achieve the best results for both parties.
  • Systems integrators (SI’s) get all the co-op and funding possible. And we provide the skills, resource and time to maximise the investment for both partners.

We do this by:

  • implementing our best practice channel marketing techniques to radically increase sales and revenue. 
  • using our tried and tested method of collaboration in partner marketing. Taking a net new logo to a brand asset, based on strong relationships.
  • taking partners from old world traditional marketing methods, to our new world channel optimisation model.

The benefits


Incremental ROI of at least 30 per cent


Increased revenues


Access to additional marketing funding that’s sourced and used more effectively – often we become self funding


A best practice programme in as little as three months


Improved partner relationships at the sales and marketing level.


There are five stages to our partner marketing programme:

a. Requirements capture

a. Requirements capture

Stage one

The first area of value is helping you identify what you want to achieve and linking this back to your partner's objectives. You might then choose to do this activity with another partner or a combination of partners. Increasingly our SI clients want to develop solution based offers requiring multiple partners and we've become experts at facilitating this.

Stage two

We'll then help you become clear about your plan, what success looks like and what's in it for all parties. We'll also show you how this will work in practice for example, how sales will be followed up, revenue reporting and the best go-to-market approach.

You'd be surprised how often clients go straight to stage three. In our experience bypassing stage one and two always results in poorer or no performance at all as ad hoc activities are delivered without a co-ordinated goal or plan.


b. Strategy

b. Strategy

Stage three

This is about developing the strategy with the partners. We'll work through the details of the go-to-market strategy including KPI's, rollout, communications and measurement. We'll make sure we integrate with other relevant programmes and utilise available assets and platforms. You'll lead on an integrated marketing plan that engages clients and sales people to sell more. This will form the basis of funding requests.

Stage four

We manage the claim process from stakeholder management and planning of proposals through to reporting of ROI.

c. Execution

c. Execution

Stage five

We can deliver some of all of these elements, according to the partnership requirements.


fresheye help you to move into the new world of channel optimisation, by providing a fully managed partner marketing service.

Whatever your needs might be, we have the skills and experience to deliver your requirements.

We create valuable collaboration tools; to help you to keep track of your partner marketing programme.


We dig deep to really get to know your business. We find out what the current situation is and what you want to achieve. And then we set up a really effective partner programme.

If you're a systems integrator...
If you’re a systems integrator...

We can help you prioritise or work more effectively with your partners. Then we find the route to the quickest and biggest funds and make sure that these are spent on the most effective activities. We can even secure and manage funds on your behalf.

You can choose to deliver the marketing activities yourself or use our delivery channels. If you decide to use our delivery channels, we’ll communicate the value of your partnership to the market and track the activity’s success.

If you offer partner funding…
If you offer partner funding…

You may be frustrated that it’s not being used or spent well. We can help you to educate your partners on how to apply for, and best use the money so that so you both see the top line growth.

If your go-to-market activity isn't cutting through…
If your go-to-market activity isn’t cutting through…

We’re experienced in getting key stakeholder buy-in to deliver multi provider marketing programmes that meet market and client needs and create demand.  We’ll then help your sales teams to close the leads our programmes creates. We can generate an incremental ROI on funds by at least 30 per cent in as little as three months.

Tracking and measuring results
Tracking and measuring results

Successful ongoing partnerships need to see progress.  We’ve embedded three key steps: measure, review and learning into every stage of our process. This is delivered through an online collaboration tool we can either set up as an asset to your partnership infrastructure or manage for you.

If you need hands-on help
If you need hands-on help

We don't just advise our clients on what to do and then sit on the side lines. We can deliver the programmes for you.  By creating excellent joint strategic plans, we secure the right funds and balance partner objectives along the way. We manage the secured funds for you to give you peace of mind and with these funds, deliver market leading demand generation activities.


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